The parent assists in the classroom approximately once every two to three weeks, depending on the class size. The following duties are required of all parents as part of the cooperative nature of the school

  1. Supply the snack for the day. Cleanup at the end of the morning includes wiping the tables, sweeping, vacuuming the classroom, and washing the bathroom sinks and toilets.
  2. Each family serves on one committee.
  3. All parents are required to participate in one Work day each year

Please direct any questions to the Director of Admissions.

Parent Committees

The following is a list of the jobs, and brief description of the duties involved in each which make up the major out-of-class cooperative responsibilities for each family at PNS. During Parent Night in September, you will have a chance to sign up for the job your family would like to help with throughout the year.

Room Equipment/Workbench

To check with teachers periodically to see what room and outdoor equipment needs to be repaired, painted, installed etc. Coordinate special workdays if needed. Also to make sure that there is a good supply of wood and supplies for the children’s workbench.


To arrange and coordinate drivers, riders, snacks and other arrangements for class fieldtrips. The teachers will give you suggestions as to where they would like to go to coordinate with their curriculum.

See-Saw Book Club

To take monthly orders from interested parents, and send in orders to See-Saw Books, to sort and distribute orders. The school receives free books from family orders points.

Rug Cleaning

To take care of shampooing the school classroom carpets once throughout the year. This entails renting the machine, moving the furniture and replacing it after shampooing.


To find substitute classroom and Extended Day teachers in the event the regular teachers are ill or unable to be in school. The director will give you a list of possible candidates in the beginning of the year, but if no one from the list is able to sub you are responsible for covering the class ( with pay.)


To arrange and coordinate various fundraisers through out the year to fund special activities and new equipment. ( Science, Spanish)


To setup, clean up and arrange the refreshments for the three parties at PNS: The Christmas/Channukah Party(potluck lunch items),PNS Birthday Party (birthday cake) and the End of the Year Moving Up Day Party (ice cream and toppings.)

Room Parent

To act as the liason between the parents and the teachers. The room parent will attend Board Meetings and arrange the fall potluck dinner.

Yoga Coordinator

To communicate with the yoga instructors and newsletter committee about dates and times, coordinate babysitter and collect money.


To advertise PNS, its events, open houses, etc, to the community.